Civil Engineering

All Civil Engineering staff at Dincel & Associates have a vast array of skills in the Civil Engineering field of expertise. All services offered by Dincel & Associates are performed by qualified Civil Engineers & include:

Bridge Engineering
  vehicular & pedestrian, steel & concrete.
Earth Retaining Structures
Urban Stormwater Drainage
  pipe, channel, creek/stream design, detention & retention basins.

Dincel & Associates use state of the art computer software packages that produce fully detailed construction drawings for land development applications. Typically for Civil Engineering type applications our design engineers utilize:

  land development, geometric road design.
AutoDesk Land Development
  land development, geometric road design.
  stormwater drainage design, detention basin design & analysis.
  drafting software

Major Projects
70 lot subdivision – Merryville Road, Kellyville.
54 lot subdivision – 140 Redhead Road, Redhead
940 lot subdivision – Beaumont Hills Estate, Kellyville
Land use re-zoning application – Water & environmental impact, Parklea
Council road extension – Mercer St, Castle Hill
Pedestrian bridge – Olympic Equestrian Centre

To enquire about our range of Civil Engineering Services email: or call (02) 9689 1877

Council road extension -
Crane Road, Castle Hill
Existing land shape visualization using 12D - Pacific Hwy, Turramurra
Water & Environmental Impact - Parklea
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